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Modern life is busy and hectic leaving most people with little time to deal with problems when they arise.

One reason why doctors suggest yearly checkups is to catch ailments before they become a bigger problem and require extensive time and resources. Lab work every year tells them the real story.

Vehicles and appliances are no different in this regard; without routine maintenance small problems develop into large ones at the drop of a hat. This is why Blue Label Services of Houston, Texas advises that homeowners have a home health check and perform routine maintenance before summer arrives.

“Your heating and air systems are the most expensive systems in the home,” says owner Bill Fortner. “When they begin to break down the cost is considerable. That’s why we suggest people have routine maintenance performed on these systems so they aren’t looking at a total replacement that might have been preventable with some early attention.”

Bill explains that the location of these units is often the reason for them going unattended. In Texas, most gas furnaces and half of the cooling systems are placed in the attic. Without someone noticing the unit they are often left forgotten. “Out of sight, out of mind,” he says. It’s only when the unit stops working that people remember their existence.

“There are motors moving, relays clicking, parts heating up and cooling down, and a multitude of other components that have wear and tear. How do you know what condition they are in?” He asks.

Bill says, “Air Conditioning extracts more than 15 gallons of water a day from the home and sends it down the drains in the attic. These drains over time can get clogged up and stop your A/C from running or worse, leak onto your ceiling and cause damage you don’t want to think about.”

“A capacitor not performing to specifications can be easily replaced. If left unchecked, it could burn out your fan motor too. A simple repair becomes a way more expensive repair. This happens all the time.”

Blue Label Services asserts that scheduled checkups and routine maintenance can go a long way to extending the lifetime of the system, preventing breakdowns, as well as lowering the costs to run them.

Many service companies even offer low-cost monthly/annual service plans to keep your unit(s) running at peak condition. His suggestion is to work with a company that has service plans that will protect homeowners from expensive replacements and help lower monthly energy costs.

“As we roll into summer reliable air conditioning will be worth its weight in gold,” he says. “So its best to get units looked at prior to any heat wave when service companies are overloaded.”

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