Simple Ways to Cool Your Garage in Texas

August 18, 2022
Learn simple temporary or permanent ways of cooling your garage in Texas

The Texan heat can make your garage feel like an oven. The simplest and most affordable way to cool your garage is to release the warm, trapped air by opening the garage ventilation systems like  the door and windows and letting the cool breeze flow inside. However, if you spend several hours in your garage daily, you may want to learn a few better ways to cool the space while in use.

You can also hire a cooling and heating service provider to install an air conditioner for your garage. Blue Label Services offers quick, dependable, and affordable air conditioning services for businesses and homeowners in Cypress, Texas, and the surrounding communities.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cooling Solution for Your Garage


Before you go all pro with air conditioners, fans, and insulation, you must assess your garage usage. How many hours do you use it? Do you keep items that can get damaged by the heat?  Do you use the garage in the mornings and evenings or throughout the day? All these questions can help you determine whether you should invest heavily or lightly in cooling solutions or not.


Where the garage is located also determines how much cooling it needs. If it is facing the sun, it’s likely to get hotter. Also, if you live in a highly humid area, your indoor space may feel more uncomfortable even with the windows open.  Garages located in a shady area can do well with windows and fans.

What you keep in the garage

Most people keep gardening tools and machinery in their garages, while others may keep a few appliances and electronics. If some of these appliances are plugged in, they will emit heat that will further heat the space.

Permanent Ways of Cooling a Garage

  • Insulate your walls: Garages are often poorly insulated, making them unbearably hot during summer.  Apart from the walls, consider insulating the attic and garage door to keep heat away from the indoor space.
  • Install an air conditioner: An air conditioner provides a permanent, reliable solution for cooling your garage, especially if the space has no windows.
  • Improve ventilation: If your garage is not well ventilated, consider creating more windows and vents that can allow hot air to escape.

Temporary Ways of Cooling Your Garage

  • Install fans: Fans are an affordable option for keeping your space cool and ventilated by circulating cool air.
  • Use dehumidifiers: Humid air traps heat and makes the room feel hotter than it actually is. A dehumidifier helps eliminate the soggy uncomfortable feeling that often leads to profuse sweating.
  • Declutter: Bulk items in your garage can block cool air from reaching all room sections.

Other clever tricks to cool your garage temporarily

  • Use a rolling evaporation cooler that helps recirculate cold air around you.
  • Place a big bowl of ice in front of an oscillating fan.
  • Close doors when it’s hot and open only at night or when there is shade.
  • Turn off appliances you don’t need during the day.
  • Avoid parking a hot car inside the garage.
  • Clean your garage to remove dust and debris affecting indoor air quality and airflow.

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