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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Texas

indoor air quality in texas 1

indoor air quality in texas
Your home should be your sanctuary, a place where you and your family feel comfortable, happy, and healthy. A major, but often forgotten, aspect of keeping your home healthy and comfortable for everybody is indoor air quality. For people who have allergies or sensitivities to certain airborne particles, stale indoor air and HVAC systems can cause adverse reactions.

The good news is that there are ways to improve indoor air quality, and they involve working with our team of HVAC experts at Blue Label Services. If you’re wondering how to improve indoor air quality, and thus, improve the quality of life for everybody in your home, follow these tips.

How to Test Indoor Air Quality

The first step in improving indoor air quality is learning the extent of your indoor air quality issues. As a part of our indoor air quality program, the HVAC professionals at Blue Label Services provide air quality assessment. When we visit your home for the assessment, we test for evidence of evidence of microbial growth, VOC’s, and formaldehyde.

Why Cypress Homeowners Should Care About Indoor Air Quality

The majority of Cypress homeowners spend a large part of their day inside their house. Many of the things that can trigger allergies or other health issues are odorless and otherwise undetectable, except via professional testing. If you or anybody in your family is experiencing itchy, dry eyes, respiratory problems, or sneezing, it could be because of poor indoor air quality.

Common Problems Caused By Poor Indoor Air Quality

Health effects associated with indoor air pollutants include:

Additionally, there is a link between common indoor air pollutants and negative health effects. These include:

Signs to Look for in Your Home

The first step in improving indoor air quality is having a clean house. A clean house can lead to a healthier house for everybody. Regular cleaning can cut down on dust and animal dander, which are major factors in creating allergies and sensitivities. Therefore, your cleaning efforts should be focused on eliminating and reducing the accumulation of pet dander, mold, and dust.

Other pollutants of concern include:

Many of these signs cannot be noticed by the naked eye, so a professional air quality assessment is your best option, prior to bringing in an environmental remediation company.

When to Call an Expert

There is never a bad time to get your indoor air quality tested. However, if any members of your household are noticing respiratory or allergy symptoms, it is a sign that an expert should be called.

Get in Touch

For professional air quality testing and improvement, contact the experts at Blue Label Services. We can be reached at 832-968-8630.




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