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Facts About HVAC Installation and the Value of Your Home

Air Conditioning

Every home’s heating and cooling runs from an HVAC system, and over time, they break down and energy efficiency is reduced, which costs more money every month. Replacing an HVAC system is the solution, and there are many benefits to installing a new system when the old one is outdated and needs to go.  

Let’s look at some of the benefits of getting a new HVAC system for your home when the old one is ready to be replaced:

Adding Resale Value to your Home

You can expect about a 33 to 50% return on investment for installing a new HVAC system in your home when you go to sell it. New HVAC systems are great selling points as well, regardless of the return on investment, and having a new system may sell your home in the first place or help too. A new system can add up to a 10% increase in the overall value of your home.

When it Comes Time for Inspection

Inspection of your HVAC system periodically will prevent the likelihood of not having heat when you need it as well as prevent costly emergency repairs. HVAC system inspection is critical when you go to sell your house as well to make sure everything is in good working order, but this probably won’t be necessary if your system has been recently installed.

A new HVAC system will improve the energy efficiency of your home overall and reduce the cost of your energy bills over time. An HVAC inspection will reveal any safety hazards and make sure that your system is running clean, which is essential for performance and reducing energy consumption.

How Often Should my HVAC System be Inspected?

HVAC systems should, on average, be performed at least once a year. This is the standard time frame, and you should never skip an inspection as outdated systems may become safety hazards.

What to Look for During an HVAC Inspection

During an HVAC inspection, areas where replacement cleaning or repairs are necessary or identified. Your electrical system will be inspected as well as capacitors, contacts, relays, and wiring, which could affect your HVAC system and the safety of your home. An HVAC inspection should be performed by professionals who are trained, who have enough experience to assure a quality inspection.

If you are thinking about selling your home in the future, the first step should be to get an inspection of your existing HVAC system. If it is in good working order and up to date, it would not be necessary to replace it.

If, during the inspection, you find your HVAC system needs to be replaced, getting a new system immediately before the resale of your home is the next step. Furnace installation in Austin is part of the HVAC system. Your HVAC system will affect indoor air quality in Austin. 

Getting a new HVAC system in Cypress, Texas doesn’t have to be difficult, just consult Blue Label Services for a free air conditioning install estimate!

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