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Category: Air Conditioning

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Simple Ways to Cool Your Garage in Texas
The Texan heat can make your garage feel like an oven. The simplest and most affordable way to cool your garage is to release the…
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AC Maintenance – How often should you maintain your AC?
Texans may know better than anyone how important it is to have a running air conditioner. Before you know it, the nice spring breeze is overrun…
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Facts About HVAC Installation and the Value of Your Home
Every home's heating and cooling runs from an HVAC system, and over time, they break down and energy efficiency is reduced, which costs more money every…
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IAQ IQ and the Dog (and Cat) Days of Summer
Indoor Air Quality is a Not a New Trick They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But there’s no reason why you…
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The American History of HVAC
Staying Cool in Cypress, TX is Patriotic. This July, Blue Label Services wants to celebrate the birth of our nation (America doesn’t look a day…
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Common AC Noises and What They Mean in Texas
Now that we’re in the heart of the sweltering Texas summer, a broken AC for even a few hours can lead to discomfort for you…
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Top A/C Sounds You Shouldn’t Ignore
When your air conditioner starts making unusual noises, they should not be ignored. These noises are typically an indication that there is something wrong with…
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3 Cooling System Myths You May Believe
Let's face it, everyone has been taken in by at least one silly myth. However, we sometimes don't realize all of the myths that we've…
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