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A Spiritual Furnace Tune Up? How To Attain Peace Through A Tuned-Up Furnace

Houston Texas HVAC

Hear us out here, folks. Furnace tune ups and emotional and spiritual wellness aren’t often mentioned in the same sentence. And, don’t worry, we’re not touting some new age woowoo theory (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) But, we just couldn’t help but see a parallel between the two, especially in these uncertain times (and let’s face it, they’ve always been uncertain.) There are well known adages which raise the notion of accepting the things you can’t change, changing the things you can, and knowing the difference. A furnace tune up from Blue Label Services is something over which you have complete control, really. Climate control for the win!

So, what’s so special and relaxing about knowing your furnace is tuned? Like so many dynamic systems in life, your HVAC system loses energy efficiency naturally over time. The same way we do our best to maintain other systems (watering our plants, oil changes, eye cream) applies to the quality longevity of our furnace. Things like dust, dirt, and other debris, as well as normal use over time, cause buildup and an overall reduction in the efficiency of your system. When your furnace has to work harder, it gets tired faster, and working hard, while tired, leads to burnout in all living things. Keeping your heating system in top performance mode, with regular professional tune-ups is like a spa-treatment, or a check up at the primary care provider. If your furnace could make the appointment, it would, and then hashtag it #selfcare. At the end of the day, though, it’s you and your family who benefit from regular furnace tune ups. That’s something you can do that’s sure to get a positive result. When you schedule a tune up with Blue Label, one of our HVAC technicians will clean and inspect your heating equipment, paying special attention to any areas of corrosion. If you need a new part, you can get in front of the issue before it becomes very costly. But, even if nothing is “wrong” with your furnace (which we certainly hope is the case), furnace tune-ups can instantly improve energy efficiency by up to 30%, lowering your utility bills, and keeping your climate, calm and controlled.

Most furnace filters should be changed every third month, but another thing modern HVAC advancements have brought us is the ability to better control our indoor air quality (IAQ). While we’re tuning up your furnace, we can assess your IAQ too, free of charge. We’ll test for mold, toxins, pollutants and radon gas, and all the biggies which can aggravate and even cause, asthma and other breathing difficulties.  We have a great selection of IAQ solutions including air purifiers, UV lights that keep your evaporator coil clean, whole-home media filters, and traditional duct cleanings.

So go ahead, breathe in, breathe out. Find the serenity that comes from knowing your furnace will run like a champ, and the air in your home is suitable for deep breathing, by calling Blue Label Services at (832) 968-8630, or visit our website at: www.bluelabeltoday.com


Stay wise, friends! Stay wise.

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